What Web design has in common with home design

Houses are places where we live, just as web pages are where we live online. We all seek to be in comfort in our dream homes where we can truly be ourselves much like our websites reflect us. As most of us do not design and build our houses personally (unless we are architects and builders at the same time), we rely on experts to do the job for us. The design of our website should be no different in theory. Luckily, professional web design in Birmingham exists. This article will present the similarities between web design and home design and why we should hire experts to engrave our online presence into the World Wide Web.

So, What's Similar?

  1. The first step is to find a good building site for our house. Each web hosting service has their own ups and downs, so the range of services the web host presents should fit the individual needs of the owner. A blogging site would surely differ from an e-commerce platform just as a bungalow in the woods differs from a flat in the city. Want a cellar in your house? Then, look for a hosting service offering extensive disk storage space!
  1. Every architect starts with blueprints, similar to wireframes used in web design. Wireframes lay out the basic structure of a web design before content and visuals are implemented. Effective wireframing will prevent initial design flaws and boost the functionality of a website.
  1. Different rooms in a house are much like different pages of a website, each with its unique purpose and content. You wouldn't want to bath in the kitchen or prefer having your contact info on your product info page.
  1. Corridors link the rooms and internal links connect web pages similarly. Corridors leading nowhere is just as annoying as broken links displaying an error message page.
  1. And finally, building a house requires the expertise of several trades. Working on a web design is no different as the client will often need the help of a project manager, a content developer, a usability expert, a copywriter or a server engineer.

To put it in a nutshell, web design and building a house have a lot in common. For the best end result, it's often a good idea to hire professional web design in Birmingham as once a house or a website is built, it would be really hard to make changes to the initial plan.